Cartoon Moi: what a success!

Anyone who uses CartoonMoi's services realizes that it is not just a website that sells portraits but a talented team that makes your dreams come true and a photograph an unforgettable piece of art. We are committed to always listening to our customers to translate their desires into a magnificent masterpiece that they can give as a gift or keep for themselves. We don't sell portraits, we sell souvenirs, that's our motto and we intend to stick to it as best we can.

The success of Cartoon Moi, find out more

Our teams are mainly inspired by the famous animated series that have seduced several generations since their advent, which is why our creations are so popular with the public.

Manga has always worked to promote Japanese culture. While his animated series now number in the hundreds, their fans are no less numerous. The Cartoon Moi site understood the interest that the Japan Mania phenomenon has in modern society and decided to use it to bring some joy and good humor to the lives of its users.

Lovers of the Dragon Ball z cartoon are always delighted to see their own reflections in a superhero like San Gokû or the pretty Bulma with a big heart. Some people like to play the villainous Vegeta instead. For these people, there is nothing more fun than being portrayed in the image of these brave warriors and their loyal friends. The legend of the brave knights who fight to save the earthlings from the evil destroyers of outer space has everything to please viewers and viewers can relate to it without any problem. It’s not surprising then that they are so excited to see themselves transformed by our portrait painters.

The happy Simpsons gang has also been dreaming a lot for some time. Cartoon Moi has based much of its work on this Springfield family that everyone idolizes, so much so that the show has become a cult program not only in the United States but internationally as well. Whether Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa or Maggie, Everyone has something captivating that allows them to win the hearts of young and old alike. In short, the world has been "Simpsonized" for a very long time and Cartoon Moi didn't have to put in much effort to convince them to embrace the new trend.

The media is talking about us

The CartoonMoi site is so successful it's been talked about. The media are raving about him, praising his merits at every opportunity. This is hardly surprising, especially as our customer base is constantly expanding. Our team is indeed able to respond to all requests with precision and care.

The site, did not fail to make a whole page about us and that by inserting a favorable example of our works; on the right, a photo of a couple on a Jet ski and on the left, the same duo but this time in a Simpsonized version. The title refers to the Cartoon Moi site and its activity and the caption encourages readers to be hit like the people in the pictures, not to mention that this could be a great idea for an original gift or a nice decoration. It is also explained that the work is done by real artists who are there to give you the best of themselves.
The page also contains ordering steps and other useful information, as well as portrait templates to help you make your choice. has also given us a large space with a note on how we do things, inviting people to send in their photos to be transformed into characters from their favorite cartoons. There is also a plethora of works done by our designers here to give a glimpse of what they can achieve by trusting us. There really is something for everyone, but the trend is clearly towards The Simpsons; what to see life in yellow.

Nouvelles-news contented itself with putting the two images used by,, explaining how to achieve the same result. We can read nice sentences about our talents and the seriousness of our work. The site promises its Internet users, passionate about animated series, that they will have a pleasant surprise if they decide to call on our portrait painters and that all their desires will be fulfilled without any false note.

Cartoon Moi was also interested in the site which discussed it in detail. He actually published a whole article last June with a full presentation. The document laid out the whole concept so that people understood what it is exactly, then it explained the procedure to be followed to be cartooned, while ensuring a flawless job by professionals who do not leave nothing to chance. After giving an overview of the different styles available for your animated portrait, he listed the many advantages of our site, emphasizing our main concern to make our customers happy.

Vankatesh.test presents Cartoon Moi as a reliable site that listens to the public that it encourages to try this unique experience of transforming into a cartoon character from a simple photograph. We evoke not only the quality of the portraits and their perfect finish, entirely by hand, but also the simplicity with which we can order. We explain that these paintings would be very original gifts for all kinds of occasions or used to decorate your interior.

It seems clear that the success of Cartoon Moi is the result of a substantial effort made by motivated and talented people who do not work as a team, but as a family!