The ultimate guide to 100% personalized gifts

For various occasions, we like to offer gifts to loved ones. These testify to an emotional feeling that we have for those to whom we offer them. Often, we are not sure that we are giving the right present. We tend to think that it's the attention that counts. Personalizing a gift expresses, in addition to giving, special attention.

How to personalize a gift?

Personalizing an object consists of inserting a personal touch into it through certain modifications. The personalization of a gift aims to convey a message to the recipient. For a close relative or friend, it usually tends to show affection. He can express respect or gratitude towards his doctor, a client or a supervisor.
 When it comes to items to give as gifts, there are a few tips that can help you personalize effectively.  

  • Photo objects

Photos can be a gift in itself. You can design a scrapbook with family photos or event photos and give it away.
You can also use your photos and insert them on the gift item. For this, you can either print them directly on the gift, or make stickers. It is portrait photos loved ones, memories of events, photos of stars or objects.

  • The writings

On certain objects, written entries can modify their value thanks to the message they convey. For a significant event, write the date on the gift to emphasize its importance. The name of the recipient, loved ones, can also make him happy. The same goes for expressions of tenderness, encouragement, or funny phrases.
Writing on an object is applied by printing or engraving.
Personalized gift ideas

  • Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is available to both women and men.
These include bracelets, pendants, watches, rings or signet rings. To make your personalization, ask your jeweler to engrave a name or text on it.

  • Clothes

Personalization is mainly done on the outer garments. On a shirt, t-shirt or sweater, print the photo of the child, the couple, the loved one. Use kind words to accompany the photo for the perfect gift.
You can also apply photos to socks. Embroider nice words on baby's underwear or booties.

  • Useful everyday objects

Kitchen utensils and accessories are great gift ideas to personalize. Give the hostess an apron and a chef's hat with her name described as a pleasant compliment.
On the trays, jars and spice boxes, paste the photos of family members.
Photo mugs are common gifts for the whole family. Cushions with everyone's face are also a trend in personalized gifts.
A father would appreciate a toolbox with his portrait or that of his children. He would feel the same pleasure for an embroidered toiletry bag, a beer or wine box.