Creation of the CartoonMoi website: Our history

Presentation of our team:

Marie: It is partly thanks to her that our site exists. We owe him the initial idea which served as the basis for creating this project which has today become our main occupation.
 Marie is responsible for customer service. She is the one who solves the problems that relate to the management of orders and deliveries of portraits. She has excellent contact with people and has an innate sense of communication. Her love for cartoons is no longer a secret and her favorite character is Marge, who plays the mom in The Simpsons, but she's unbeatable on everyone else in Springfield's happy family.

Nadia: She is the right arm of Marie, with whom she co-founded CartoonMoi. She is in charge of computer programming. He's a bit of the genius of the gang, for whom nothing is impossible. She enjoys meeting challenges and pushing her limits. After computers, she developed a passion for drawing. She can spend whole hours at her pencils, and the results are often impressive. She loves animated series and especially Manga, of which she never misses an episode. Many compare her to Alice, from "Alice Madness Return" both physically and in some of these gestures.

Karim: He is the marketing manager. He takes care of everything related to advertising. We always count on him to come up with new ideas that can promote the CartoonMoi brand image. His sense of humor cannot leave anyone indifferent. Whenever there is a prank to do, he is the first to jump in, no questions asked. It is said that he cannot fall asleep without seeing a sequence of The Simpsons. His haircut is not much different from Bart's, he says it's a coincidence but can we really believe it ?!

Osama: He's the financial manager of the box. He is a distinguished mathematician and accountant. He knows all the transactions inside out. He leaves nothing to chance and keeps a watchful eye on everything that is happening. He is also a die-hard animal advocate. He has 3 dogs, each named after a hero of the famous Dragon Ball Z. Osama spends his free time taking care of these faithful companions whom he loves to take pictures of. He actually has 3,000 of them lining the walls of his home and a gigantic poster of him and his beasts sits above his fireplace.

Mylène: She is our best designer. She's the one in charge of the creative part. She leads our team of portrait painters and ensures that the works are at the top level; she is really adamant on this point. She knows how to motivate her "followers", always having the right word to restore them to their spirits. This is the end of our group, without whom our life at CartoonMoi would be monotonous. Mylène is always ready to help and spares no effort to bring some cheerfulness around her.

Our history

How did the idea come about:

Nadia and Marie were complete strangers until fate brought them together one night at a karaoke party. They immediately hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.

 That evening, they talked at length about their respective careers, which were neither satisfying. By evoking their shared passion for cartoons and their desire to work together in a fun project that would make people happy.

 They first thought of taking portraits of their clients by having them pose for the artists on site but that would have been too restrictive, especially since many do not have the patience necessary to remain for hours without moving during have someone draw them. It was then that Nadia suggested using photographs while emphasizing the whimsical aspect; make small touch-ups so as to obtain a resemblance to characters from animated series like The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Disney and many others. Her partner also explained that it would be great to include animals in their artwork as well.

 She then proposed to use technology to facilitate contact with customers and that's where the two friends came up with the brilliant idea of creating a site dedicated to making portraits from photographs, to make them. wonderful gifts to give to loved ones or to keep as a souvenir.

 At first it was a bit hazy, but after two or three discussions they finally came up with the perfect concept; the CartoonMOI website. This name was so obvious that it would have been inconceivable to choose any other. From there, things started to come together and all the pieces fell into place as naturally as possible. Nadia and Marie recruited a talented and motivated team to help them grow their business and started their adventure.

According to one applicant's testimony, the two associates asked him during his job interview what he would be willing to do to take care of a baby.

 It was only moments later that the poor man realized that they were actually talking about CartoonMoi whom they presumably considered their own child. But this unconditional dedication to the company quickly became contagious because they were able to transmit their enthusiasm and enthusiasm to all employees. In addition, good humor always reigns at CartoonMoi.

 There are Simpsonized portraits of everyone on all the walls and on Saturdays, we get together at one of the group’s house for a special cartoon night. Everything goes there; from riddles to character dubbing contests. It is not surprising that all this joie de vivre can be read in the creations delivered on a daily basis by our portrait painters; they are happy and they have decided to infect you!