Why are personalized portraits so popular?

Portrait art dates from Antiquity. It is the image representation of one or a group of people. The term also applies to a sculpture or a description. A portrait aims to represent the subject as closely as possible. Portrait design has evolved and current graphic designers offer custom portraits.

Custom portrait values

  • Emotional value

A personalized portrait holds sentimental value. It constitutes an original gift idea.
Often, personalized portraits are made to immortalize events. They allow a reaction to be fixed forever.
For the birth of a child, a personalized painting is a first element of his future heritage. It will then be passed on to future generations. The portrait of the parents or the pregnant mother tells a person about their origins.
In a couple, the personalized portrait is a symbol of love and unity. It is often done on the occasion of engagement, marriage.
Various circumstances like winning a competition, a graduation show better in paintings than in photos. The artist’s personal touch increases the sentimental impact aimed at.
Group portraits recall important moments. They often represent family members and close friends, or fellow graduates.

  • Decoration

As a work of art, portraits perform above all a decorative function. It is possible to design a custom table for the different rooms of the house. A cute smiling portrait of the baby lights up his room, the parents' room and all the rooms. Paintings on the living room walls add class and embellish the decor.
Benefits of a personalized portrait
Currently, specialized sites offer the realization of personalized portraits. The personalized portrait market is booming and customers find satisfaction there.

  • Custom portraits

The artists, professional graphic designers, carry out the orders on customer instructions. The graphic designer realizes his works with quality material. It uses strong canvases and durable, hard-wearing oil paints. Also to keep up with the times, it uses the latest generation graphics tablet and stylus.
From photos of the subject, they reproduce the physical appearance with a precise likeness. The customer can request an identical reproduction of his photo. He can also suggest modifications according to his needs. Depending on the client's wishes, the artist changes the mood, the ambiance of the painting. It can also insert a faithful portrait of the subjects in a different context. A parent can, for example, draw a portrait of his child in a comic book universe. For a painting that matches its internal decor, the client chooses the colors of the clothes and the background.

  • A practical procedure

As the portrait is taken from a photo, the client is free from the constraints of the pose. In addition, the orders are made online. The site submits a preview of the portrait by email to the customer for validation. The delivery is done very quickly.