Need places ...

Cramped in your apartment ...

It is not enough to be tidy but to organize your space ...
Here are some tips to improve your interior.

Remember to recover the lost spaces:

If you have stairs, consider installing storage under the stairs. Raise shelves up to the ceiling to give the impression of height. If you have an attic, you can also convert them. You can also create storage spaces under the bed.

Clear perspectives:

Do not put your furniture against the wall thinking to save space but at an angle or diagonal by installing a green plant behind. Putting a mirror or a vertical table will also give height to your room.

Divide the rooms:

Separate the rooms by a partition with a multi-function cabinet. Virtually partition the living room with the bedroom or the dining room with the kitchen.

Use the above doors:

Put small pieces of furniture or shelves above the doors to store quilts, blankets or books.

The little decoration trick is to paint your walls the same color as your ceiling in white of course.
Interior designers like to layer different sized rugs or cushions to add depth to the room.

Be creative for a successful decoration ...