Use humor and jokes to make people smile

At the scientific level, we say that laughter and humor reflect a kind of individual tension, which we bring out and which then bounces back on the collective. They cause a feeling of calm and comfort, helping to effectively relieve stress and feelings of sadness.

The benefits of using laughter and humor

Laughter acts on us, but also on others.

Humor and laughter strengthen the bonds

Being an individual tension, but which projects onto the collective, laughter and humor are an excellent means of communication. In all relationships, whether it is a couple relationship, a family relationship or a simple friendship, difficult moments to share are unavoidable. With a little humor, which dispels all negativity, solidarity is strengthened and we will tend to understand each other better.
But be careful, jokes and humor should never be used to hide your true feelings and emotions. The point when trying to make someone laugh is to make them feel more relaxed and flexible. A link is created so that you can more easily and quickly understand each other. Humor should not cover up your doubts or fears.

Humor and laughter soothe conflicts

It is very difficult to return a smile to a person with whom you are cold. Often times, conflict and disagreements take place for nothing, but can last for a long time. In this case, laughter and humor will work to bring you back to the person. First, with a joke, you relax the atmosphere. Then, you can gradually rebuild your bonds by restoring the feeling of security and closeness between you and the person.

You have to know how to be tactful in this case, because humor requires a certain skill and respect. Make sure the joke doesn't come off as some kind of mockery or a way of making fun of other people. The goal is to have fun together and individually again.

In addition, you should know that humor gives way to spontaneity. This characteristic makes that any problem disappears quickly and we also get to know other people more easily.

Putting humor into practice

You have to be careful, when you use humor, you have to understand, and at the same time, make yourself understood.

One should understand

Putting humor into practice takes personal investment. For the most part, we don't always feel very funny. We are afraid of pretending to be ridiculous. But in reality, it is a nature that must be allowed to speak. The innate joy that is unique to your childhood will help you understand and inspire you.

You have to make yourself understood

It's not funny if the other doesn't understand. You might even upset him. So pay attention to the person you're talking to, and avoid using humor as a way of sarcasm or mockery. The humor must remain pleasant, the purpose of the joke will be to make people laugh.